Happy Holidays

Working in a tourist area, it never ceases to amaze us how many summer holidaymaker customers fail to have their cars checked before their journey, leading to an unplanned visit to us B&K  We always give them a great welcome, but we’re sure they’d rather be visiting the amazing attractions that North Wales has to offer!

So, what could/should these visitors have done before starting their long journey?

  • Have a look around the car. In particular, have a look at the tyres. Do the treads look OK & legal? Are there any cracks or bulges? What about tyre pressures – do they look right? Check with a pressure gauge


  • Check fluid levels. Are oil and coolant levels correct?  We see so many instances of overheating, where a quick check could have saved a lot of precious holiday time


  • Check the wiper blades. Yes we know it’s summer, but it does rain sometimes in Wales and there’s nothing worse than having wipers in poor condition resulting in poor visibility


  • Check the air conditioning system in the car is effective and clean. Nothing worse than being stuck in the car on a long journey with no air-con, especially when the weather is so hot that even opening windows doesn’t make any difference

So, to our customers, please don’t fall in to the same trap before you head off on your long holiday journey or trip to the airport

These are quick and simple checks to undertake, but if you want further re-assurance, just pop in to B&K and we’ll attend to this in no time…it’s what we do!

Happy Holidays!