Winter motoring tips from B&K

Winter is finally upon us, with the first snow warnings announced earlier this week. So, time to think about staying safe and warm whilst out on the road and to cover every eventuality.We recommend you gather a few items and keep them in your car – just in case.

Below are items that should be in your emergency survival kit, especially if you need to go on a long journey:

  • Ice scraper and de-icer – pop in for your free B&K ice scraper!
  • Torch and spare batteries – or a wind-up torch
  • Warm clothes and blankets – for you and all passengers – it can get really, really cold if you get stuck
  • Boots
  • First aid kit – you should really have one at all times
  • Jump start cables – always useful to have in your car
  • Food and a warm drink in a thermos
  • Shovel
  • Reflective warning sign
  • Road atlas / SATNAV – have a map App set up if you have a smartphone (but you may not have wi-fi – so paper versions are still going to be handy!)
  • Sunglasses – the glare off the snow and the low sun position can be dazzling – and you’ll look cool!
  • Mobile phone charger – vital to be able to stay in communication
  • Make sure you always have plenty of fuel in the tank – don’t leave things to chance!

Some of these may seem to be ‘over the top’, but they’ll all come in handy if you get caught out in some really bad weather

Not easy we know, but give yourself a few extra minutes in the mornings to do some regular checks:

Check your battery – heating and lights put extra demands on this in winter

Check your antifreeze – stops your engine cooling system from freezing.

Check your lights – all bulbs working and set correctly?

Check your tyres  – right pressures? Reducing tyre pressure does not improve grip

Check you wiper blades – you need all the help you can get when visibility is poor

If you’re not sure about anything, just pop in to B&K for your FREE WINTER CHECK and we’ll help you stay safe

Stick to main road routes wherever possible – more likely to be gritted

Clear all snow and ice before you get on the road – don’t go all ‘tank commander’ and set off looking through a tiny gap in the windscreen – we’ve all done it, but ….not a good idea!

Don’t put boiling water on your windscreen – it’ll crack!! Time to put that B&K scraper to good use!! Have a think about getting one of those magnetic windscreen covers

And after all that ….stay positive…… it’ll soon be Spring!!

With best wishes for safe and happy motoring this winter from all at B&K