Looking after your tyres

Checking your tyres on a regular basis is crucial, not just for safety but for economy as well. And the good news is…its easy to do! Here’s how:

Tyre Pressures

Having the incorrect tyre pressure will increase fuel consumption and reduce your  safety on the road, especially now that we have some cold and wet months ahead of us. Too much or too little pressure seriously impacts on your car’s ability to grip the road. So, we need to get the pressures accurate

Have a look for a sticker, usually on one of the car door jambs or on the inside of the fuel flap. The information here will tell you the appropriate tyre pressures for front and back, as well as any changes to account for the number of passengers. If there’s no sticker, have a read of your car’s handbook

Take off the dust cap on each tyre and make sure you see the tyre pressure monitor to measure the pressure as you go on. If the tyre is under inflated, pump up the tyre until you reach the correct level. Likewise, if the tyre is over inflated, let out some air until the right level is reached

Tyre condition and depth of tread

This is another straightforward process, but again, an important one

On a regular basis, keep a look out for any cuts, cracks or bulges in your tyre. If you see any, pop in to B&K and we’ll have a look to see whether repair or replacement is the appropriate solution

Examining the depth of tread is also essential on a regular basis. The law is clear…you must have at least 1.6mm of tread over the central three-quarters of your tyre around the entire circumference

If tread depths are any less than this, you, your passengers and other road users are at risk. In addition, the fines are heavy if you are found to be driving with tyres which have insufficient tread – potentially £2,500 / 3 points –  per tyre!  Tyre depth gauges are available and at minmal cost, but failing this, a 20p piece can come in handy!

The outer rim of a 20p piece is 1.6mm – so if you can see the rim – you need a new tyre!

As a rule of thumb, we would suggest that you set the minimum depth at 3mm . After this point, tyre grip tends to deteriorate quickly. So, once you get to this point, call in to B&K and we’ll advise you on the most appropriate replacement to suit your budget – we hold stock across all price option, including an excellent value for money range from Kumho

And finally, don’t forget to check your spare tyre!